Make it Nice Stain Kit
Make it Nice Stain Kit

Make it Nice Stain Kit

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STEP 1- Super Absorbent Cloth: A Super Absorbent Cloth is placed under the stained area of your garment and will absorb all the stain matter which is essential.

STEP 2- Special Stain Formula: The most effective Stain Removal Formula, which will break down the composition of most all stains and allow it to transfer into the Super Absorbent Cloth.

STEP 3- Special Rinse Formula: This Special Rinse Formula will aid in removing any remaining stain matter and/or special stain formula from fabric, leaving no residue so that when it dries you will never know the stain was ever there.

Ingredients: Box-Recycled Paper
Stain Remover and Rinse Extract – Non Hazardous, Water Based, No Solvents, No Carcinogens, Readily Biodegradable And Environmentally Friendly Materials

Product Care Instructions: Avoid placing in direct sunlight

Product Warnings: Safe on most fabrics. Do not use on leather, suede or fur.

Made in USA